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If you like Marvel, Sebastian Stan, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, etc., please feel free to follow my mf blog, sebastianstvn. However I make personal posts more frequently on this blog.

I have only read the first volume of TWD comics. Lauren Cohan is a goddess, and if I could strive to be like anyone during the apocalypse, it would be Maggie Greene.

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Gleggie | Rickyl
Richonne | Daryl/Glenn
I’m Steven Yeun, and I wanted to thank you for hanging out with us and checking out some of the set.
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Lauren Cohan photographed by Mj Kim for the ‘Portrait Studio Powered By Samsung Galaxy’.

Lauren Cohan photographed by Mj Kim for the ‘Portrait Studio Powered By Samsung Galaxy’.

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why are people rude to fast food workers? i literally bend over backwards to serve you and am not allowed to fight back if you’re being fucking rude, why do you have to treat me like garbage??

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goodbye friends. leaving tumblr to avoid doctor who spoilers until i’ve managed to watch it.

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I just saw your post about fan expo and The Walking Dead panel as I browsed the fan expo tag. I want to warn you. The Walking Dead panel fills up INSANELY FAST. I tried to get in last year but was too late. The line was huge (went all the way to the next floor), we moved an inch and the panel was full. So if you want to get to it, you need to get there super early to wait. (This may seem like common knowledge, but it's the most popular panel. I hadn't been expecting it at the time, lol)

Oh wow *o* I was gonna get there early, but probably not as early as I should think about going. How many hours in advance do you think would be okay? Hmmm.

edit; Thank you by the way! I’m so rude for not saying that first, jeeze. Haha.

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The Walking Dead Stills ☆
The Walking Dead Stills 
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Benedict Cumberbatch Ice Bucket Challenge (X)

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Rickyl AU: Rick and Daryl’s friends (mostly Glenn and Maggie) have been rooting for the two of them since they met.  The two hunt together, go out together, take an obnoxious amount of selfies together, and are constantly chatting about each other on social media.  And to top it all off, Rick is fairly certain that making out and holding hands under tables means something a little more than friendship, but Daryl is oblivious.  

That is, until their friends and the internet get involved.

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twdmeme: three character traits
Maggie Greene + attitude

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